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Logitech Keys to Go iPad Keyboard Review

I’ve tried a number of keyboards and keyboard cases for the iPad, and my favourite by far is the Logitech Keys to Go keyboard. I’m typing this very sentence on it now. So what makes the Keys to Go so good? I prefer a keyboard that is separate from the iPad, as it gives meContinue Reading ›

On Siri, Privacy and Consistency

Apple talks often and proudly about respecting its users privacy, about not sharing or storing information ‘in the cloud and about using machine learning and algorithms on the users device. About not sharing or storing information ‘in the cloud. About using machine learning and algorithms on the users device. Yet despite all talk of privacyContinue Reading ›

A Focussed View In Todoist

I recently tweeted this image of a focussed view with in the task app Todoist. Since doing so I’ve been asked the same two questions: How do you do that? Where can I get that wallpaper? To get the focussed view in Todoist is so simple: Resize the Todoist window horizontally, at a certain point theContinue Reading ›

Introverts and Extraverts

Whilst perusing Delicious earlier today I came across a really interesting post Introverts and Extraverts : Can’t We Just Get Along which in turn led me to another post by the same author The Introverts Strike Back. I agree with the author’s basic premise that an introvert cannot or at least is very unlikely to become an extravertContinue Reading ›