Logitech Keys to Go iPad Keyboard Review

Logitech Keys To Go Review

I’ve tried a number of keyboards and keyboard cases for the iPad, and my favourite by far is the Logitech Keys to Go keyboard. I’m typing this very sentence on it now.

So what makes the Keys to Go so good?

I prefer a keyboard that is separate from the iPad, as it gives me more flexibility when I’m typing. I can raise the iPad up closer to eye level for example, and keep the keyboard where it needs to be for typing.

A separate keyboard allows me to use the Smart Cover on the iPad, keeping it light and easy to hold when I’m not typing.

These two things alone make the Apple Smart Keyboard a non-starter.

The Keys to Go has another significant advantage over the Smart Keyboard – an extra row of control keys including media and volume controls, a home button, even a screenshot button.

It’s beyond me why the Apple Smart Keyboard doesn’t have these.

Which just leaves the all important feel of the keyboard.

Everyone has personal preferences when it comes to keyboards, and I really like the Keys to Go. I find I type more accurately on my Keys to Go than on my Magic Keyboard.

The keys have a surprising amount of travel given the very flat design; there’s a very positive feel on pressing the keys, not a click, but reassuring tactile feedback.

Oh and did I mention it’s splash-proof? Handy should you spill your Flat White.

The Logitech Keys to Go makes the iPad a genuine laptop alternative for when I’m away from my desk.

And it appears to be on offer on the Logitech site – order one now, thank me later.