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Three Rules of Proper Notebook Management

I stumbled across an interesting website this week: First Today, Then Tomorrow, written by professional writer Randy Murray. I’m still perusing the articles, but I was taken by three articles entitled Three Rules of Proper Notebook Management: What To Write In Your Notebook The Best Notebook To Use What To Do With Filled Notebooks With so Continue Reading

Field Notes – From Seed

I love Field Notes, and I love Draplin, and this is just wonderful. I have a real thing for early 20th century American graphic design; I love the bold flat colours, the typography with it’s mix of slab and script typefaces, and the wonderfully simple yet incredibly strong logos. The Field Notes Memo Archive is Continue Reading


I love this image that I just came across on The Well Appointed Desk; it combines my love of old technology with some of my favourite authors. There is one striking omission for me; that of my favourite author William Gibson who wrote the cyberpunk classic Neuromancer on an manual typer writer of 1930s vintage. Continue Reading

How A Pencil Is Made

I’ve owned stupidly expensive fountain pens, I’ve tried all kinds of roller gel ball pen things, I’ve used pens that can write upside down and underwater, but none come close to the simple perfection of a wood case pencil. I didn’t realise quite so much went into making them however.

Beautiful Ceramic Speakers

These ceramic speakers are just beautiful. Designed by Joey Roth and created using simple materials including cork, aluminium, cast iron and of course ceramic they are wonderfully minimal and stylish. Whilst their form is beautiful their function is of equal importance: Typical speakers are designed to play even the most compressed or poorly recorded track. They Continue Reading

Sony Ericsson Xperia Pureness

I love my iPhone, I really do, but every now and then I find myself hankering for something simpler, smaller and well just different. I think the new Sony Ericsson Xperia Pureness could stop that hankering. The display is monochrome (gasp) but also transparent as demonstrated in this video: The keyboard is invisible until activated; Continue Reading

Google Adds Tasks to Gmail

You may have seen the news that Google has added a tasks application to its Gmail email service.Well the even better news is that since they recently added Google Labs to Google Apps email I get to play with it also. I’ve tried a number of task apps over the years and not found one Continue Reading

Mike Rohde Asks the Eternal Question…

Over at Rohdesign Mike has an interesting article on his paper vs pixels dilemma; Back to Paper: Should I Ditch My PDA?

Bye Bye Pixels, Hello Paper

I have been a PDA user for several years but a week ago I sold my iPAQ and bought a Filofax. I was pretty much a PDA addict; changing PDAs as often as every six months and spending far too long every day reading all the major PDA sites and forums. So this represents a Continue Reading