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Whilst making my coffee this morning I remembered this video I shot a while back as a test of iMovie on the iPhone and iPad. I was surprised just how good the video from the iPhone is, but also surprised at what a palaver it is to get the movie off of the iPhone andContinue Reading ›

Responsive Web Design

For months now I’ve been searching for a new theme for my blog. I wanted something simple yet stylish, with great typography, that used textures and colour well, and I quite fancied a retro Americana feel. Above all I really wanted it to be a responsive design. I’d just about given up looking, and wasContinue Reading ›

Notes From a Moving Train #1

I look up from my iPhone and notice that sitting diagonally opposite me, on the other side of the train, is the friendly guy from my local Apple Store. He sold me the earphones I’m listening to now. He’s immersed in his iPhone as I was in mine. I wonder where he’s going. Should IContinue Reading ›

Sony Ericsson Satio

Following my post The Best Camera I was keen to try an up to date camera phone; so I got in touch Sony Ericsson to see if I could borrow a C902 for review. It seems that the C902 is a now couple of years old now, and so Sony Ericsson don’t feel it’s representativeContinue Reading ›

The Best Camera

They say the best camera is the one that you have with you, and these days most of us have a good digital camera with us almost all of the time on our mobile phones. I have an iPhone 3G which has a 2 megapixel camera, and takes average photographs as demonstrated on my tripContinue Reading ›


I love Instapaper; it’s one of my most favourite and most used web and iPhone apps. Merlin Mann seems to quite like it also. Start using Instapaper today; you’ll thank me tomorrow.