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Writers Block

This isn’t one of those “sorry for not blogging for a while, I’ll be back soon” posts but it is a distant relative. I rather think that I must be coming down with a case of writers block; I just don’t seem to have anything I feel the need to write about at the moment. Thank heavens I don’t have an Editor or Publisher breathing down my neck, that must be awful. I do also wonder if Twitter may be a contributing factor as many of my rants and mind farts end up there now rather than here. However, that is possibly a good thing and it should keep the quality up but at the expense of quantity of course. Merlin Mann recently posted a piece on what makes for a good blog and the underlying theme was passion. The great bloggers, and I use that  term rather than A-list which I hate and so many of the A-list areContinue Reading ›

I’m Flattered

I’ll preface this post by saying I should probably tag it with “ego” and “ego-centric” but hey… Over the last couple of weeks I’ve had some really nice feedback on, all of which has meant a lot to me. First, I had a lovely compliment on my writing. Then, a compliment of my use of typography in the design. Then, I was contacted via Flickr asking if I could make a WordPress theme from my design – sorry that’s way beyond me, but thanks very much for asking. And then today, whilst perusing my Mint statistics I found a referrer from tagged with “inspiration”. I’m amazed and humbled. It’s great after almost 4 years of this blog/journal/site, in it’s many forms and names, to receive such lovely compliments. It’s particularly good to receive positive feedback on the design as I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with it. When I’m not looking at it I think it’sContinue Reading ›

An Obsession Shared…

For a long time I have enjoyed reading Ink Quest which features the experiences, trials and tribulations of a fellow obsessive’s search for the perfect fountain pen ink. It made me feel so much better to realise that there others out there who are perhaps slightly more obsessive even than I. However, I feel I may have acted rashly in sharing my latest obsession with my friend at Ink Quest for it seems obsessions may be contagious. And what is your latest obsession I hear you ask? Why, it’s the wonderful world of typography I answer. Having been involved in design both online and offline for literally some years I have always been fascinated by typography and fonts but only recently taken the time to learn about in any real detail. However, since doing so I have seen that interest mutate and grow into a fully fledged obsession… Once you begin to look at and think about typography you canContinue Reading ›

Corporate Blogs

I’ve worked in two companies now where the idea of a blog has been mooted. I think corporate blogs are, on the whole, a terrible idea. Unless genuinely written by an employee (who says it has to be an executive after all) with ability, charisma and genuine interest in blogging they are going to be shallow PR pieces that will die a fast and just death. Remember kids… corporate blogs… just say no.


I’ve recently found and been enjoying this excellent blog so I thought I’d draw your attention to it. gapingvoid is the blog of Hugh MacLeod and is centred around his cartoons drawn on the back of a business cards. In addition to Hugh’s great cartoons he also posts some very interesting observations; I thought his post giving vs taking was a great explanation of Web 2.0 and it’s fundamental difference to the web I’ve worked in for all these years. It crystallises why the Web 2.0 movement, if that is the right term, has rekindled my love for the web. So if I may be so bold as to suggest you add gapingvoid to your bookmarks or your RSS reader of choice and enjoy…