New Music From Underworld

Never mind all that election malarkey – Underworld have released their first live music in two and a half years, and it’s available free from Underworldlive until May 20th.

Underworldlive describe Scribble as “a gene-splice between Yellow Magic Orchestra and Grooverider blasting out over the dancefloor at Fabric on a Friday night”.

I was more than interested to see that Scribble is a collaboration with Hospital Records artist High Contrast. You may remember from my 2008 Review that I have a new found love of (fluid) drum and bass; well I’d say 99% of my drum and bass listening is accounted for by Hospital Records artistes. So Scribble sees my favourite band come together with my genre du jour – a truly intriguing combination.

I’ve only given Scribble a few listens so far; my first impression is of a lighter, and dare I say it  poppier Underworld – not that this is in anyway a bad thing. It’s got a great hook, and some of those lovely Underworld vox-pop moments – think Two Months Off. What it perhaps lacks are the Karl Hyde stream of consciousness poetry lyrics I love so much.

But this is just one track – a teaser – I can’t wait to hear the rest of the album.

Here’s a video of the radio edit featuring the always wonderful Karl Hyde: