I’m not entirely sure why my Sunday morning mind decided to dredge up Bloodrunners, but I’m rather pleased it did.

Bloodrunners was a very cool comic strip written by Andy Sparrow about a group of despatch riders that couriered body parts. I loved the comic strip, particularly the character Jack Shit, but I have even fonder memories of the Bloodrunners film.

I bought my VHS copy of the Bloodrunners film from Andy himself at the  Bike Show circa 1998 or 1999. I remember it costing me £14.95 which at the time was a lot of money: I could fill the tank of my bike three times for that.

I loved the film; it was very silly and yet very cool. I watched it over and over again whilst recovering from from a bike crash; waiting for my “350 Powervalve” to be rebuilt and my broken wrist to heal. I wanted the ZXR 750 that stars as Hoover so much; I loved the colours and the air hoses that fed into the air box and did nothing other than look cool.

The film itself was only 30 minutes long with minimal plot but lots of wheelies and other bad biking behaviour. Here’s a clip of the first bike scene in the film:

I still have my VHS copy of Bloodrunners, but no longer have a VHS player; so I was chuffed to find that Andy has released the film on DVD and for just £6.99. My copy is on it’s way as we speak.

Now I wonder how much a ZXR 750 H1 costs these days…