Jaws – See It Before You Go Swimming

I’ve just been reading an interesting article about Jaws over on the Guardian. I hadn’t realised that Jaws essentially created the Hollywood Summer blockbuster; before Jaws Summer was a quiet period “why go to the movies when the sun is shining?”.

It was also one of the first event movies, where “front loaded” marketing and promotion drove incredible demand before anybody have seen a single frame.

The article included the original trailer for Jaws, which I’d not seen before. It’s a brilliant trailer, capturing some of the tension of the opening scene of the film, teasing with enough of the “sea chase” and Robert Shaw’s brilliant character Quint to make you want to see the film all without showing the shark.

Jaws is a brilliant film until you see the shark, but rubber sharks notwithstanding the trailer really made me want to see Jaws again.