iPhone Roaming Data Charges

I’d read the stories of swinging data charges when roaming so when I went to Barcelona recently I made sure that data roaming was switched off.

However, I decided that I’d switch it on just to use British Airways online check-in for my return flight. So there I sat on La Rambla with a cold beer and a warm iPhone and checked in. It was a little slow with no EDGE of WiFi but I managed to get a good exit seat.

I’ve just had my bill from O2 and two things have surprised me: the first is that to accomplish this simple task required almost 3Mb of data and the second that those 3Mb of data cost me £16.90.

Holy expensive data Batman.

So my fellow iPhone users remember; data roaming – Just Say No.

Dear BA – please build an iPhone interface for ba.com.

Dear European Commission – please hurry up and sort of this roaming charge racket.