How Dissapointing

Hollywood seems to have run out of ideas, with every other film seeming to be a remake of an original film.

These remakes tend to be poor imitations of their forerunners – Sylvester Stallone in Get Carter anyone?

However, tonight I saw an original version of The Thomas Crown Affair starring Steve McQueen and I have to say I prefer the remake.

As a Steve McQueen fan this was a HUGE surprise to me, but the remake is simply a better film.

Yes, the original is full of 60s cool, yes, the original makes great use of split screen effects and of course McQueen is just brilliant but that’s it. The robberies are crude in comparison to the remake, the tension between the main characters is less apparent and the supporting characters are almost non-existant.

Surprising and disappointing.

What I really want is Steve McQueen starring in the remake…