Grand Central Station Waltz

One of the things that I kept thinking about in New York was how important films and TV shows had been in setting some of my expectations about the city, and also in making it feel oddly familiar at the same time.

I saw a number of locations from films in my all too short trip, but by far the most striking was Grand Central Station.

Grand Central Station was one of the highlights of my visit; it is simply beautiful and yet beautifully simple inside. There’s none of the clutter you see in UK stations; just a wonderful open space crafted from marble with the most stunning painted ceiling above.

Looking down across the concourse made me think of the wonderful scene in The Fisher King where Grand Central Station waltzes around the main characters:

Amazingly Grand Central Station wasn’t closed for shooting, and so the odd confused looking rail passenger can be fleetingly seen in the background.

A fittingly beautiful scene for such a beautiful building.