Fantastic Customer Service

I’ve had the most fantastic piece of customer service ever in the last week.

Recently I decided that enough was enough and returned my Mont Blanc fountain pen for a refund; a pen I’d wanted since I was in my early twenties. When I was out of work just over two years ago I promised myself one once I got a decent job.

Having secured the job it still took me nine months to buy myself one mostly due to the high price tag they carry. I loved the pen; it wrote beautifully but never felt very robust or worth the high price. In the space of a year it went back to Mont Blanc twice as the clip came loose. When the same fault occurred for the third time I decided enough was enough and back it went.

I tried to kid myself and use a cheaper pen but it didn’t feel right. I bought the Mont Blanc partly with some birthday money from my Grandmother and Mother and worked bloody hard for the rest. The pen was more than just something to write with.

Having briefly used a Pelikan in the past and knowing how well made they are I decided upon one to replace the Mont Blanc.

The 800 series is the same size as my old Mont Blanc 146 and so I started looking around for an M805 – the version with silver rather than gold trim. I found a good price online and ordered one.

It arrived quickly but I was disappointed; it wrote terribly with a very dry and fine line. I contacted the seller, as Pelikan offer a twenty eight day nib exchange if you are unhappy, who said that I would need to send it back to the importer which I duly did.

On a pen costing that much I’d of liked a little more help. I decided to swap for a bold nib assuming that the original medium nib was indicative of Pelikan medium nibs. This was mistake as the bold felt very dull and expressionless to me.

At this time I fancied ordering a bottle of Pelikan ink to try and had seen pictures of a special bottle with a built in pens stand so ordered one from Ray Adams at Pelikan Pens UK an independent Peikan dealer who has turned out to be the one the best people I have ever dealt with.

In the email exchange to order the ink Ray asked what pen I had. I told him and explained my situation and Ray suggested I call him to talk more. Ray thought the original medium I had must have been faulty and offered to help.

Now bear in mind that I did not buy the pen from Ray but he offered to send me another medium nib to try as well as a bold for comparison at no charge to me. Two Pelikan nibs together cost almost £300 and Ray just popped them in the post to me.

I honestly didn’t think that anybody operated on trust and provided such amazing service anymore. I was delighted and a little humbled.

Ray is a gentleman who cares about people and service. If you are in the market for a new fountain pen. ballpen, pencil or even just some ink I wholeheartedly recommend Pelikan Pens UK.