Did I Speak Too Soon?

Having cited Apple as an example of companies bringing their customer service back home I was dissapointed to read this item over at Boing Boing Gadgets which seems to suggest that they aren’t.

Not only has the writer repeatedly had trouble getting through to Apple but when he got through this is the quality service he received:

“I see from your serial number you have a Macbook Pro.”

“Yes” I replied.

“Is this a portable computer?”

When I replied—incredulous—that it was, the man said there was a special “portables” department and shuffled me back directly into the same queue I had been in before.

Total wait time: 45 minutes

Total problems solved: 0

How very disappointing.

I hope Apple aren’t arrogant enough to think that their products don’t need support and if they do it can be poor support… that’s not the kind of “reality distortion field” that got them where they are.