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The Return Of The KLF

In December 2020 fly posters in Shoreditch London announced the return of the KLF with a non-consecutive series of releases called Simplicity Thru Trancentral. The first release, Solid State Logik 1, was released onto streaming platforms and YouTube on January 1st and is the closest release yet to a greatest hits. I love that Solid State Continue Reading

My Library

Nervous cough, looks at bookshelves…

Owning My Content Or How I Learnt To Stop Worrying And Love My Blog

Last weekend I was about to post some photos from a frosty forest walk onto Instagram and paused as I was pondering the best tags to add to ‘drive engagement’. I remembered a commitment I’d made to myself over Christmas – to consume mindfully, to create more and to own the content I create. I Continue Reading