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James Bond Will Return In Skyfall

I am a huge fan of James Bond, both the books and the films. I remember being allowed to stay at my Nana’s house on a school night just so I could watch You Only Live Twice in colour. I remember the relief on my Uncle’s face when having been instructed to take me toContinue Reading ›

Isles of Wonder

I had high expectations for Isles of Wonder the London 2012 Olympics opening ceremony with Danny Boyle as Artistic Director, and Underworld as Musical Directors, but I was absolutely blown away by the show they created. It was wonderfully English, visually stunning, funny, moving and I struggle to do it justice with words. From the IndustrialContinue Reading ›

Evolution Of The F1 Car Animated Infographic

This incredible animated infographic combines two of my loves: Formula 1 and graphic design. It’s deceptively simple, but needs a few watches to see everything that is being presented, quite superb.