Isles of Wonder

Isles of Wonder Olympic Rings
I had high expectations for Isles of Wonder the London 2012 Olympics opening ceremony with Danny Boyle as Artistic Director, and Underworld as Musical Directors, but I was absolutely blown away by the show they created.

It was wonderfully English, visually stunning, funny, moving and I struggle to do it justice with words.

From the Industrial Revolution with Kenneth Branagh as Isambard Kingdom Brunel, via the National Health Service and our heritage of wonderful children’s literature, to the digital revolution with Sir Tim Berners-Lee the ceremony celebrated so much of what makes Britain Great.

The stadium went from a green and pleasant land to a fiery Victorian industrial scene in an amazing, and complete transformation, which culminated with five massive, glowing rings of molten metal forming the Olympic logo over the stadium.

I’ve just watched the ceremony again on BBC iPlayer; it’s well worth a second watch as there are so many amazing details I missed the first time.