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Nike : Write The Future

I was saying just the other day that I couldn’t remember the last time I’d seen a really great advert. Well I’ve just seen the best ad I’ve seen in a long time: Write The Future from Nike. Sure it’s a huge budget epic full of over-paid footballers, but it captures the passion and theContinue Reading ›

Nature By Numbers

Maths and numbers have never been my strong suit, but after I read Fermat’s Last Theorem I started to see them differently; to see an elegance and beauty I hadn’t before appreciated. Whilst in Minsk last week my new chum Alec shared this fantastic video with me. Watch this video and tell me that numbersContinue Reading ›

New Music From Underworld

Never mind all that election malarkey – Underworld have released their first live music in two and a half years, and it’s available free from Underworldlive until May 20th. Underworldlive describe Scribble as “a gene-splice between Yellow Magic Orchestra and Grooverider blasting out over the dancefloor at Fabric on a Friday night”. I was more thanContinue Reading ›


I’m not entirely sure why my Sunday morning mind decided to dredge up Bloodrunners, but I’m rather pleased it did. Bloodrunners was a very cool comic strip written by Andy Sparrow about a group of despatch riders that couriered body parts. I loved the comic strip, particularly the character Jack Shit, but I have even fonder memories of theContinue Reading ›