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Nike : Write The Future

I was saying just the other day that I couldn’t remember the last time I’d seen a really great advert. Well I’ve just seen the best ad I’ve seen in a long time: Write The Future from Nike. Sure it’s a huge budget epic full of over-paid footballers, but it captures the passion and the Continue Reading

Nature By Numbers

Maths and numbers have never been my strong suit, but after I read Fermat’s Last Theorem I started to see them differently; to see an elegance and beauty I hadn’t before appreciated. Whilst in Minsk last week my new chum Alec shared this fantastic video with me. Watch this video and tell me that numbers Continue Reading

New Music From Underworld

Never mind all that election malarkey – Underworld have released their first live music in two and a half years, and it’s available free from Underworldlive until May 20th. Underworldlive describe Scribble as “a gene-splice between Yellow Magic Orchestra and Grooverider blasting out over the dancefloor at Fabric on a Friday night”. I was more than Continue Reading


I’m not entirely sure why my Sunday morning mind decided to dredge up Bloodrunners, but I’m rather pleased it did. Bloodrunners was a very cool comic strip written by Andy Sparrow about a group of despatch riders that couriered body parts. I loved the comic strip, particularly the character Jack Shit, but I have even fonder memories of the Continue Reading