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What Is Twitter?

I love Twitter, and I’ve tried to spread that love far and wide. A question I’ve been asked by many is “what is Twitter?”. It’s not an easy to question to answer as it can be many things to many people, and what it is to you really depends upon what you want from it.Continue Reading ›

Suspended Espresso

I’ve just discovered a wonderful tradition, the caffè sospeso, or suspended espresso. In Naples when a customer is particularly happy with their espresso they will pay for two, the second being the ‘suspended espresso’. Then when somebody who is homeless, or down on their luck comes to the cafe they can ask if there areContinue Reading ›

Is SEO Bullshit? Discuss.

Sam Brown recently published an interesting post on the value and merit of SEO: Why I think SEO is bullshit – in which Sam says: For me, it’s all about my personal brand, Sam Brown is who I am and who I want to be known as. I do not want to be known as thatContinue Reading ›

You’ve Got The FEAR

I enjoyed Gratitude from the Beastie Boys so much I thought I’d rummage around the interwebs for some of my other favourite music videos.  Today I want to share F.E.A.R from Ian Brown with you. I was never a big Stone Roses fan, the whole Manchester thing somehow passed me by, and so I wasn’tContinue Reading ›

Snow White MacBook

I think this is fantastic; I know my daughter would love one of these.

Beastie Boys Live At Pompeii

I love this homage to Pink Floyd’s Live At Pompeii from the Beastie Boys. I love that they have used the same 70s video effects and the speakers saying Pink Floyd – London, although I think Beastie Boys – New York would have been even funnier. Ladies and Gentlemen I give you Gratitude by the Beastie Boys: