You’ve Got The FEAR

I enjoyed Gratitude from the Beastie Boys so much I thought I’d rummage around the interwebs for some of my other favourite music videos.  Today I want to share F.E.A.R from Ian Brown with you.

I was never a big Stone Roses fan, the whole Manchester thing somehow passed me by, and so I wasn’t particularly aware of Ian Brown until I saw this video. I thought both the song and the video were fantastic and rushed out to buy Music Of The Spheres and his back catalogue.

Apparently a big budget, big production video, set in a graveyard was originally planned for F.E.A.R, but Ian Brown changed his mind at the last minute. This video was shot just hours in Soho, but the idea and execution are so cool it works brilliantly.

Whilst searching for this video it became clear that either Mr Brown or his record company do not want his videos available online; at least not in the UK. All Ian Brown videos on YouTube appear blocked in the UK which is a shame as I really wanted to share the Golden Gaze video with you as well.

Google it and see if you can find a copy in your country.