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Jon Hicks has just launched Helvetireader a wonderfully minimalist yet superbly usable theme for Google Reader. I’ve used Google Reader as my RSS application of choice despite it’s rather cluttered and ugly interface; I mean what is it with Google and pale blue? Anyway, I’ve tried the Better GReader plug-in and a few other themesContinue Reading ›

Why Do you Answer the Phone?

Seth Godin has another great post on his blog today entitled How to Answer the Phone in which he states: The only reason to answer the phone when a customer calls is to make the customer happy. He goes on to say If you’re not doing this or you are unable to do this, doContinue Reading ›

A Tale of Three Notebooks

I mentioned in my earlier post A Quick Chat About Netbooks that I had had problems with both my Eee PC and a new MacBook ; so here, as promised, are the details of my circular journey from netbook to netbook. When Jas interviewed me at FOWA I as using an Eee PC 901 andContinue Reading ›

Night Driving

Volkswagen UK have had consistently brilliant TV adverts for as long as I can remember; but Night Driving is one of their finest. The ad is beautifully shot and Richard Burton’s narration of Under Milk Wood by Dylan Thomas works wonderfully with the soundtrack which is by Cliff Martinez from the soundtrack to the filmContinue Reading ›

Excited & Scared

If there was an election called now in the UK I honestly do not know who I would vote for, and to be honest I don’t actually believe that it would make any significant difference which party won. The same cannot be said for the US election; I know exactly who I would vote forContinue Reading ›