Excited & Scared

If there was an election called now in the UK I honestly do not know who I would vote for, and to be honest I don’t actually believe that it would make any significant difference which party won.

The same cannot be said for the US election; I know exactly who I would vote for and I believe that both candidates will have significant and different impacts upon the USA and the world.

Barack Obama is the first politician I have ever been impressed by. He has a truly Presidential air and I believe that he is possibly the only candidate who has the chance to make America a great nation again.

McCain however seems to be the classic right-wing American WASP we all know and fear. A man who talks always of war and of fighting; is it any wonder that “America is under attack” given the outlook and actions of people like McCain?

Then there is Palin. If Obama is the first politician to truly impress me then Palin is the first to truly terrify me.

So as we move into election day in America I am both excited and scared. Excited for what I hope will be but scared for what I hope and pray will not.

It’s time for change.