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Scribble the Nibbles

A very quick post to “pimp” a great new blog a friend of mine has just started called Scribble The Nibbles. My food fiend friend combines a passion for food with a lovely turn of phrase. Well worth reading or adding to your RSS reader.

Command Prints

Remember when the web was a daily voyage of exploration? When you would literally “surf” from site to site following almost any link? Remember the days before RSS readers and bookmark collections? Well I had a wonderfully retro moment of surfing exploration this morning; a Tweet from Elliot Jay Stocks led me to Sam Brown’sContinue Reading ›

Writers Block

This isn’t one of those “sorry for not blogging for a while, I’ll be back soon” posts but it is a distant relative. I rather think that I must be coming down with a case of writers block; I just don’t seem to have anything I feel the need to write about at the moment.Continue Reading ›