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Let My People Go Surfing

A tweet from Ryan Carson yesterday, led me to Howies about page; a page which Ryan described as “inspiring” and I can see why. There are two sections of Howies our beliefs page that I think are fantastic: The rocking chair test Every product we make has passed the ‘rocking chair test’. This is somethingContinue Reading ›

Treat Your Staff Like Adults and See What Happens

I’m attending the Carsonified seminar Future of Web Design later this week and popped over to their (lovely) site to check some details; I noticed “We’re hiring!” on the homepage and thought I’d have a look. Now I knew that Carsonified has a four day work week, but was hugely impressed by the other benefitsContinue Reading ›

Net Neutrality is “A Load of Bollocks”

I was amazed to see this item over at Boing Boing just now. Virgin Media, a UK ISP, have a new CEO Neil Berkett, who in an interview with the Royal Television Society’s Television magazine attacked the net neutrality and went as far as to state “this net neutrality thing is a load of bollocks”Continue Reading ›

Severely Dissapointed

My wife and I were due to take our little girl to see the Terracotta Warriors exhibition at the British Museum tomorrow but upon checking the museum’s website tonight we found that the exhibition is closed tomorrow for “security reasons”. Tomorrow is the last day of the exhibition (yes I know we should have goneContinue Reading ›

Have You Got Your Train Ticket?

A great story taken from The Art of the Start: Albert Einstein was on a train. He couldn’t find his ticket after searching through his all his pockets and bags. The conductor approached him and said “Dr. Einstein, everyone knows who you are; I’m sure that Princeton can afford to buy you another ticket.” ToContinue Reading ›