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MacWorld 2008 Speculation – I’m Pretty Pleased

I followed Steve Jobs’ Keynote from MacWorld today on my iPhone via MacRumors excellent page and have just watched the Keynote video from the Apple site and whilst it wasn’t an iPhone year but it was still a good year. However, before we get into what was announced I just have to ask – canContinue Reading ›

MacBook Air – the Cable Free MacBook?

So today is the day of Steve Jobs’ Keynote at MacWorld and the rumour mills, which I guess includes me now, are churning with more MacBook Air supposition. The flavour of today’s rumours propose that the MacBook Air is the much talked about lightweight or sub-MacBook and that it is cable free – hence “Air”Continue Reading ›

MacBook Air?

Mike’s comment on yesterday’s post MacWorld 2008, Gentlemen Start Your Speculation may have inadvertently hit the nail on the head. Perhaps Steve will announce the new MacBook Air tomorrow, with the focus being on lightweight and wireless connectivity. Who knows? Well obviously Steve does and he’s not telling. Or maybe somebody else does as suggestedContinue Reading ›