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A Very Pleasant Surprise

I’ve just got back from a fantastic week away in Cornwall to find very pleasant surprise waiting for me in my inbox – one of my photographs of the Pantheon has been selected for use in the new version of the Schmap guide to Rome. I’ve been very lucky to visit some amazingly photographic placesContinue Reading ›

Product Placement Gone Mad

I saw the new Fantastic Four film last night which was pretty good. There was the usual blatant product placement all over it but one piece just left me open mouthed. Mr Fantastic builds a very funky FantasticFourmobile, flying, jet, ship thing which has a Dodge grill and Dodge seats. WTF? Yes, Dodge as inContinue Reading ›

The Best Birthday Present

It’s my birthday today. I’ve had some lovely presents, but the very best present of all and the thing that absolutely made my day was seeing my little girl pass her swimming test and win her first distance badge. A very, very proud Daddy indeed.