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How Dissapointing

Hollywood seems to have run out of ideas, with every other film seeming to be a remake of an original film. These remakes tend to be poor imitations of their forerunners – Sylvester Stallone in Get Carter anyone? However, tonight I saw an original version of The Thomas Crown Affair starring Steve McQueen and IContinue Reading ›

No More Giant Leaps

I was very sad to read that Walter ‘Wally’ Schirra has passed away. Wally was the only astronaut to fly on the Mercury, Gemini and Apollo space missions and whilst he never walked on the moon his Apollo 7 mission was a vital step towards that incredible achievement. Of the 12 men that walked onContinue Reading ›

I’m Flattered

I’ll preface this post by saying I should probably tag it with “ego” and “ego-centric” but hey… Over the last couple of weeks I’ve had some really nice feedback on, all of which has meant a lot to me. First, I had a lovely compliment on my writing. Then, a compliment of my useContinue Reading ›