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Fantastic Customer Service

I’ve had the most fantastic piece of customer service ever in the last week. Recently I decided that enough was enough and returned my Mont Blanc fountain pen for a refund; a pen I’d wanted since I was in my early twenties. When I was out of work just over two years ago I promisedContinue Reading ›

How Many Blades Do You Need?

I’ve just read about Gillette’s new razor the ‘Fusion’ – this thing has five blades PLUS a sixth blade on the rear for ‘precision trimming’. For Pete’s sake how many blades do you need? Well I’ll tell you. One. When I started shaving as a teenager I hated it; I had terrible razor rash, andContinue Reading ›

2-1=1 or How I Came to Choose My Smartphone

In earlier articles I outlined my requirements for a Smartphone and the models I was considering; the Treo 650 and the Sony Ericsson P910i. The P910i won over the Treo 650 for one reason only – the Treo’s weight and bulk. The Treo is awesome but just too heavy and bulky to carry around inContinue Reading ›

Hurricane Katrina

The BBC has a compelling column entitled Survival of the Fittest by Harold Evans discussing the social and political after effects of Hurricane Katrina. After so many years of Social Darwinism, Hurricane Katrina could reawaken the American people’s appetite for compassion in government. I sincerely hope that he is right. I have wanted to postContinue Reading ›

Caffeinated Smartphone

I was sitting quietly this morning with a cup of coffee in one hand and my 6680 in the other. The next thing I know the phone has slipped out of my hand and landed cleanly in my coffee. It actually looked rather funny, but needless to say it has stopped working. I’m now veryContinue Reading ›


Fresh morning air and low summer sun, the air not yet polluted by the day, cool on my face and crisp in my lungs, the beauty of the early morning.