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Very Disappointing

I finished work early on Friday and headed across London to the very lovely Apple Store on Regents street. I was standing around for waiting for the usual email checking foreign student to clear off so I could have a last confirmatory play with a 20” iMac when a member of staff approached me. Upon Continue Reading

I Heart iSync

I’ve just synced my 6680 with my Mac using iSync, and I’ve got to say how much I like iSync. Wan to know why I like iSync so much? It just works… each and every time I use it. I recognise this may be part due to the 6680 also as I did have issues Continue Reading

Apple’s Mighty Mouse

Apple today finally released a two button mouse called the Mighty Mouse. Being Apple of course it is far more interesting than the usual 2 button mouse with an ingenious looking 360 degree scroll button. I hope that it is larger than the existing Apple mice as I’ve always found them too small for my Continue Reading