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Things Ain’t What They Used to Be

I was beginning to wonder if I was just unlucky or fussy or both as almost everything I buy these days seems to be faulty when I get it home or goes wrong quickly; I’m pleased to see that I am not alone. I mentioned this to a friend after his second Apple Powerbook powerContinue Reading ›

I Don’t Like Thursdays

London was again a victim of bomb attacks today. Three tubes and a bus were targeted, but this time the terrorists were even bigger amateurs and did not successfully detonate one of the bombs. Warren Street tube station was targeted; a station I pass through everyday on my way to work. I had to walkContinue Reading ›

Improving My Memory

I’ve just upgraded the memory on my iMac from 512Mb to 1Gb. and it was amazingly easy. Just undo three screws that hold the back of the iMac on, remove the back, pop out the old memory stick, pop in the new sticks, replace the back, do up the three screws, cross your fingers andContinue Reading ›

Jack Into Your Ono Sendai

NTT are releasing a 3D web browser that looks a little (just a little) like how I imagined cyberspace to look when reading Neuromancer by William Gibson although my cyberspace was much darker and a little more Tronlike. Neuromancer is one of my top books of all time. It blew me away when I readContinue Reading ›

iMac Number Two

Collected my second iMac from john Lewis this morning. I rushed home, plugged it in and with my breath held switched it on… There’s fan noise but the awful whime the first one had is not there. Hurrah. ’ve spent the day loading it up with my software and I’m very happy indeed. I’ve justContinue Reading ›

iMac Continued

I’m pleased to say that the Apple Store happily accepted my iMac back and gave me a complete refund. I’ll be picking up my new iMac from my local John Lewis store tomorrow AM. I really hope that this one will be quieter.