You Gotta Love Daring Fireball

You gotta love John Gruber of Daring Fireball fame… In a great post about the iPhone, it’s launch week remember, John pokes fun at some of the iPhone doom mongers in the way only John can.

This piece made me laugh out loud; in which Mr Gruber responds to a quote from an Verizon executive:

Mr. Lanman said he was not worried that AT&T would steal customers because Verizon’s network infrastructure is superior and offers better connection coverage and stability. “For Apple, I think the big risk is the AT&T network.”

Translation: “We’re seriously regretting that we told Apple to go fuck themselves last year, and if you see Steve Jobs, can you tell him that we’re really very sorry and that he should call me?”

The network? Ha ha ha…

That sounds like a typical, technology focussed, out of touch, IT/Telco Exec… Yeah that’s right Mr Verizon it’s the network that has people queuing up already for an iPhone.

You’d think that the wider consumer electronics/computer/music/mobile/everything industry would have learnt from Apple by now wouldn’t you?