Weeknote 22nd October 2023

A quiet week, and a quick weeknote.

I finally took the plunge and ordered a new Mac, as my trusty 27″ iMac is now classified as ‘Vintage’ by Apple and isn’t supported by MacOS Sonoma. With no big iMac even rumoured before 2025 I’ve gone with a 15″ MacBook Air and Studio Display.

The MacBook Air will now be my only Mac, so I needed to increase the storage and RAM, pushing the price up to £1999.


Now you see why I’ve put this purchase off for so long. I’m hoping a Studio Display will pop up on the refurbished store before the MacBook Air arrives to save me a few quid.

We’re on holiday for a few days now, I’m typing this sitting in a guest house in Bath over looking the Cathedral.

We arrived yesterday afternoon and headed into town over Pulteney Bridge, the river was the highest I’ve seen it with the water from Storm Babet rushing down over the weir.

high water at pulteney weir
I find it fascinating that my Dad used to stand on the weir fishing as a child, he wouldn’t have been yesterday.