The Death of the Music Video Has Been Greatly Exaggerated

I thought the art of the music video was a dying a slow death as whenever I skip through the music channels I see formulaic videos of scantily clad women, blinged up artistes and borrowed Bentleys. But this lunchtime I’ve stumbled across two fantastic videos which suggest the stories of video’s demise have been greatly exaggerated.

The first is Voodoo Blood from Massive Attack which features an incredible performance from Rosamund Pike. This video is up there with UNKLE’s Rabbit In Your Headlights for disturbing subterranean visuals.

Next is Wide Open from The Chemical Brothers with Beck on vocals; one of the most engaging and clever pieces of work I’ve seen in a while – look out for the Chemical’s very subtle cameo.

There is a fascinating making of video that shows how the effects were achieved and the amount of work that went into making this piece of art.

I find it interesting that both videos are from established artists who’ve been around since the heydays of the music video. It’s good to see there is still the desire to make something creative and compelling.