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Fuel for Thought

I wrote about the FUEL Conference earlier and what a success I believe it to have been; but I didn’t go into my thoughts following the event. It strikes me that company culture is a key factor in a successful social and community strategy. The companies that are doing well and really engaging with theirContinue Reading ›

Fuel Conference

I was intrigued by Carsonified’s latest conference FUEL when it was announced as it seemed to span personal and professional interests – looking at both the power of community and the power of cloud computing and how companies can use both to fuel their business. FUEL took place last Friday and was one of theContinue Reading ›

Tweeting About Twitter

Many of you that know me, know that I am moderately addicted to Twitter; an addiction many of you also profess not to understand as you don’t “get” Twitter*. So what is Twitter and why do I like it? Twitter is a micro-blogging tool – Tweets are limited to 140 characters It’s a communication methodContinue Reading ›