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Ten Years

October marked the tenth anniversary of this blog, and of the many iterations and designs it has been through. I remember being excited when I heard about new blogging platforms such as Blogger, as they felt like a move back to the web as it had been envisaged by Tim-Berners Lee, and that entranced me so much in the early days: a read write web. The web is now even more read write due to the rise of social media, and yet at the same time is arguably more closed and restrictive as those same social networks try to control and ‘monetize’ their users. With the recent revelations of the extent of the NSA’s spying on all internet users I fear we will see the openness of the web eroded even further as nations and users attempt to protect themselves and their data. The next ten years will be a time of profound change for the web and its users.

Right Here, Right Now

99U tweeted a link to this rather interesting article earlier today, which reminded me of a blog post I started writing earlier this year, but didn’t finish. Here is that unfinished and unedited post: Do you remember people watching? You’d be sitting somewhere, waiting for someone or something, and have nothing better to do than to watch people; to watch the world go by. Fascinating wasn’t it? When was the last time you did this? I bet now when you are in a queue, or sitting having a coffee, or a meal you reach for your smartphone. You tweet, you Facebook, you check your email or maybe you hurl grumpy avifauna at kleptomaniac swine. But whatever you are doing, chances are you are looking down at a small, glowing rectangle, and not at the world around you. Taking my break from Twitter over Christmas and now for lent has helped break the habit of reaching for my iPhone – forContinue Reading ›

Giving Up Twitter For Lent

I’ve never given anything up for Lent before, but this year I’m giving up Twitter. Over the last few months I’ve found Twitter less engaging, and less rewarding, and after the latest round of hoo-hah I’ve decided that a longer break is in order. Related to this is the realisation that the ‘signal to noise’ ratio of my Twitter feed is out of whack. I’ve decided that before my return I will ‘reset’ my account, and slowly add back followers starting with friends and working outwards from there.

You Are Not A Gadget

Something went wrong around the start of the twenty-first century. The crowd was wise. Social networks replaced individual creativity. There were more places to express ourselves than ever before … yet no one really had anything to say. — Jaron Lanier

Account Deleted

I’ve been asked whether I regret deleting my Instagram account after Instagram’s recent volte face. I don’t, but I do regret opening my second Instagram account in the first place. When Facebook bought Instagram earlier this year I deleted my account. I have a problem with Facebook, I’ve never really “got it” and their approach to security and privacy bother me. I didn’t want Facebook selling my photos, selling data about my photos or advertising to me so I voted with my feet. But later in the year I was convinced by friends and family to reopen my Facebook account, and so thought if I’m going to be “Zuckerberg’s bitch” I might as well go the whole hog and open another Instagram account. So I did. A number of events have made me re-evaluate my relationship with social networks, and my use of free apps and services. I’d been wondering about the business model of certain apps I used, AralContinue Reading ›