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Bellroy Elements Phone Pocket Review

I’d always fancied a hobby that involved ‘stuff’ and then I started cycling. I did’t realise quite how much ‘stuff’ or more specifically wardrobe you need to cycle comfortably in the UK with our famously changeable and variable weather. Then of course there is what to do with the items you need to take out with you on a ride: phone, money, cards, keys etc. Many people make do with a ziplock bag, tossing everything in to jumble against each other. I didn’t fancy this approach, and since I started riding I’ve been using a Pocpac iPac which has a slot for a card and cash but nowhere for your keys. Now being somebody that enjoys “nice things” and is cursed with the need to find the perfect solution for problems imagined or otherwise, I’d started casting around for a better, and dare I say more elegant way, of carrying my personal effects whilst riding. I was starting to think aboutContinue Reading ›

Kindle Voyage – A Quick Review

I received my Kindle Voyage earlier this week, and thought I’d share my first thoughts on Amazon’s latest eReader. At first glance the Kindle Voyage looks like a slightly more compact Paperwhite, but there is much more to the latest flagship eReader from Amazon. The Screen The screen of the Kindle Voyage sits flush with the body, in fact the screen forms the front of the Voyage. The screen is no longer recessed as with the Paperwhite as the Voyage uses a capacitative touchscreen rather than Infra-Red, this makes for a much more attractive and responsive device. The screen is glass but has been specially etched to prevent reflections and, Amazon say, to replicate the texture of paper; I’ve seen no reflections so far, and whilst I might not say the texture is that of paper it is very nice – nicer than that of the Paperwhite. Of course the main headline for the screen is it’s significantly higher resolution, whichContinue Reading ›

Baron Fig Confidant Notebook ‘Unboxing’

The Baron Fig Confidant Notebook is a Kickstarter success story where three friends came together to create their perfect notebook. As of this week Baron Fig now ship to the UK, and they have kindly sent me a Confidant to review. I thought however that I would start with an ‘unboxing’ of the Confidant, which I realise may seem a little over the top for a notebook, but the Confidant comes beautifully packaged in a very solid box with a leaflet introducing your new notebook. I love details like that, and if the packaging is this good I have high hopes for the notebook itself.

Timbuk2 Command Laptop Messenger Bag Review

A little while ago Timbuk2 kindly offered me a chance to review their Command TSA-Friendly laptop messenger bag; I’ve been using it on my daily commute and found much to like about this great bag. Design The Command is a classic laptop messenger bag but with a TSA-Friendly twist. So just what is this TSA-Friendliness of which Timbuk2 speak, and perhaps more to the point why should we be TSA-Friendly when the TSA themselves are so unfriendly? The TSA-Friendliness is essentially it’s an extra zip which allows the laptop section to open out and lay flat, which means your laptop can go through airport scanners without having to be removed from the safety of you bag and placed in one of those crusty grey bins. I haven’t flown in the time I’ve used the Command, but anything that saves me removing my MacBook from the safety of it’s sleeve sounds good to me. The laptop compartment is on the rear ofContinue Reading ›

Faber-Castell Ondoro Review

Last week was National Stationery Week here in the UK. During this joyous week of celebration of paper, pencil, pen and ink I was contacted by the delightfully named Anna Rainbow from The Pen Company asking if I would like to review one of their items. It would have been rude to say no. After chatting for a while we settled on the dramatic looking Faber-Castell Ondoro fountain pen, which was duly despatched. Having now had the chance to use the pen for a week or so I can now share my thoughts with you. Design It was the unique and striking design of the Ondoro that originally attracted me to it, and it doesn’t disappoint in real life. The body of the pen is hexagonal, something more commonly found in a pencil than a fountain pen. I chose the black and silver version of the Ondoro; the contrast between the cap and the body adds to the striking lookContinue Reading ›