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Brian Eno – John Peel Lecture

“Children learn through play. Adults learn through art.” I’ve just watched the 2015 John Peel Lecture given this year by Brian Eno, and it was the most thought provoking hour of television I can remember seeing in along time. A fascinating discussion of art, culture and humanity – Eno is clearly a deep thinker as Continue Reading

Learn to Fly – Rockin 1000

1000 musicians play Learn to Fly by Foo Fighters to ask Dave Grohl to come and play in Cesena, Italy. Bloody marvellous!

That’s What I Like

That’s What I Like by Chas and Dave was one of Bradley Wiggin’s Desert Island Discs (Spotify), and it’s a work of feel good cockney genius only rivalled by Reasons to Be Cheerful Pt. 3 by Ian Dury and The Blockheads – which was also on Wiggo’s Desert Island playlist. Enjoy…

Underworld vs The Misterons – Saved From the Cutting Room Floor Mix

East India Youth

I can’t remember which of my Twitter chums recommended East India Youth to me, but if it was you – I thank you. I’ve played his first release, the Hostel EP, so much that if it had been on vinyl I would have worn it out. Looking For Someone and particularly Heaven How Long are both fabulous, Continue Reading

Jessie Ware Running

Channel 4 recently showed an all night House Party – six hours of uninterrupted DJ sets featuring Grandmaster Flash, Eric Morillo, Soul II Soul and Annie Mac. Grandmaster Flash’s set was fabulous, but the show was stolen by Jessie Ware‘s apprearance at the end of Annie Mac’s set: Running is a fabulous track with a Continue Reading


Excursion is a new mix from Excursion Radio, AKA Michael McGarrity, which follows on perfectly from his earlier mixes Home and Home Two. I’d describe this mix as darkly ambient, but with a lighter feeling towards the end like the sun rising after the night. This feeling inspired my latest ‘homebrew’ cover art which you can Continue Reading

Scroobius Pip – Introdiction

To celebrate the launch of Scroobius Pip’s new album Distraction Pieces I thought I’d share this video for the opening track Introdiction. Made for just £100, oddly compelling, and completely NSFW.

Home Two

My Twitter chum Michael McGarrity has released another great mix entitled Home Two. Slightly longer and darker than the original Home Mix, and it’s another great piece of music for working or reading to. Highly recommended. As before my iTunes OCD has driven me to design my own cover art; I’ve continued with the style of Continue Reading