Stirling Moss Remembered

Stirling Moss sadly passed away today aged 90. I was lucky enough to see Moss drive at a number of classic events over the years, but I’ll never forget seeing him race at the 1999 Goodwood Revival meeting.

Stirling Moss in his Maserati 250F

In the early days of the Revival, before the grandstands were built, you could stand much closer to the track; we were huddled at Lavant, sheltering from the persistent rain behind a wall of umbrellas resembling a Roman Legion advancing behind their shields.

A bright red Maserati 250F appeared out of the spray and mist and glided through the corner in a perfect four wheel drift – it was Moss driving his race winning car from 1956.

Moss was in his seventies but his car control was still sublime and the open cockpit allowed us to see every little input, lap after lap. Moss was driving with finger tip delicacy, it was extraordinary to see and a memory I cherish even more today.