Social Media Marketing

Thanks to the generosity of my chum Paul Fabretti (@paulfabretti) I was able to attend KMP‘s Social Media Marketing seminar earlier this week.

There were four talks providing a great introduction to social media and suggestions for ways that businesses can join the conversation.

Dave Kinsella (@techn0tic) started the day with a good introduction to social media.

Next was a brilliant description of PR 2.0 from Neville Hobson. I’ve not come across Neville before but really enjoyed his frankly excellent presentation. Neville explained how the old world of PR is fast becoming a thing of the past and how customers want and expect businesses to talk to them as people not units.

Dan and Chris from Outside Line described how LG have reached out to bloggers and have established great relationships with them. The key message here was to establish trust by open and genuine.

Last up was Paul himself with a great introduction to blogs and how businesses can use them.

All in all a very good morning looking at social networking.

KMP have a workshop about Blogging for Business next week which I’m sure will be a great and very useful event. I’d love to attend but I’ll be at FOWA.