iPhone 2.0 Wishlist

I don’t think that I have ever seen such a wealth of  believable rumours for a new product, as those for the alleged 3G iPhone that are flooding the interwebs as we speak. If Steve Jobs doesn’t announce a 3G iPhone  at WWDC on June 9 I and many others will be jolly surprised.

You may remember that I said I’d be waiting for the 3G iPhone before I bought one; well I didn’t manage to wait very long, buying one just after the were released here in the UK. I love my iPhone, it is without doubt the best phone or “breakthrough internet device” that I’ve ever owned. Bear in mind I would change my mobile every three months or so and I’ve owned my iPhone for six months now with no signs of boredom. I really can’t imagine having a phone with buttons again…

However, the iPhone does have one achilles heel for me and that is data speed. I work in Hicktown, Hickshire with no EDGE cells at all, which combined with my employers belief that WiFi is the work of the devil means for much of my day I’m stuck with GPRS only – how very 90s.

So I’m sure you’ll understand that I am looking forward to iPhone 2.0 with anticipation, but what else do I want from the next generation iPhone?

Speed: Yes I want 3G but I want HSDPA as well – 3.5G if you will – for super speedy downloads and to make up for using GPRS for six months.

Form Factor: Not that there is anything wrong with the current iPhone, but slimmer and lighter is always better. Up until today the rumours have all said thicker but tonight a Wired writer is reporting that iPhone 2.0 will be 22% thinner and have better battery life. I do hope he’s correct.

Supposed 3G iPhone Images

MMS: My wife was amazed when I had to begrudgingly admit that my shiny new £279 phone couldn’t send or receive MMS messages. I hope Apple have added this basic functionality but I haven’t seen any reports of such functionality in the new firmware betas that are available.

Storage: 8Gb is OK I suppose, I mean 100 albums is pretty good going but more can’t hurt can it? 300 albums with a 32Gb iPhone would be great.

Movies: Of course if I’m able to take movies with my new 3G iPhone then more storage will be very handy. Quicktime movies please Apple.

Task and Notes Sync: Apple added Tasks and Notes to Mail in Leopard but surprisingly these do not sync with the iPhone; a clear oversight that should be fixed with iPhone 2.0.

iPod Sort: The iPod in the iPhone does not sort in the same way as my iPods or iTunes and it really bugs me. Sort options would be very nice.

Email “home” Button: If you ahev more than one email account (and who doesn’t?) getting back to the list of those accounts from the another inbox seems to take far too many clicks. It is in fact just three but it feels like two too many – a simple “home” button would be a nice time saver.

Only time and Steve Jobs will tell if the rumours and images are correct and if I will get any of the items on my iPhone 2.0 wishlist.

What do you want from from the nest generation iPhone?