East India Youth

I can’t remember which of my Twitter friends recommended East India Youth to me, but if it was you – I thank you. I’ve played his first release, the Hostel EP, so much that if it had been on vinyl I would have worn it out. Looking For Someone and particularly Heaven How Long are both fabulous, but it was the track Coastal Reflexions that really grabbed me. Coastal Reflexions is like a modern day Autobahn, but recounting a train journey to the coast rather than “fun, fun, fun on the Autobahn”.

His first album Total Strife Forever built on the Hostel EP and delivered some wonderfully moody instrumentals alongside the songs, the opening track Glitter Recession is a particular favourite. The deluxe version of the album also includes 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, an almost hour long imagined soundtrack for the 1916 silent movie which is worth the cost of the album alone.

East India Youth’s next album Culture of Volume is out on April 6th and the two tracks (do we still call them singles?) released so far are full of promise.