Do You Work in a 21st Century Mill?

Continuing my theme of modern and clever working arrangements…

I’ve just read Seth Godin’s latest post the new standard for meetings and conferences in which Seth says

If you’re a knowledge worker, your boss shouldn’t make you come to the (expensive) office every day unless there’s something there that makes it worth your trip. She needs to provide you with resources or interactions or energy you can’t find at home or at Starbucks. And if she does invite you in, don’t bother showing up if you’re just going to sit quietly.

I’m pleased that it isn’t just me that finds the idea of commuting to a physical office an increasingly outdated concept; surely as the world becomes more environmentally aware this has to stop.

Remember that the nine to five, five day week was designed to maximise production in the mills of the industrial revolution – isn’t it time we updated the way we work for the 21st century?