New Slate Bellroy Elements Phone Pocket Review

When I moved from my iPhone 5S to a new 6S I was presented with a dilemma – my phone would no longer fit my lovely Bellroy Elements Phone Pocket.

I mentioned this whilst chatting to my chums at Bellroy who kindly offered to send me the larger version of their Elements Phone Pocket in a new Slate colour for me to try.

Bellroy Elements Phone Pocket Review Slate Review

Both the larger Elements Phone Pocket and the new Slate colour are perfect.

Long story short – it’s fabulous.

Design & Construction

My review of the iPhone 5S Elements Phone Pocket covers my thoughts on the design and construction in detail – as a larger version of that item the same applies to the iPhone 6S version

One thing I noticed immediately is that the 5S case was a closer fit than the 6S case – the 6s moves around inside the Phone Pocket more that the 5S did. This is not a bad thing as such, and would I think possibly allow users with the Apple leather or silicone cases to use the Phone Pocket without removing that case, I don’t have one of those cases so can’t confirm that.

Bellroy Elements Phone Pocket Review Slate Review

The extra size of the iPhone 6S version makes inserting and removing cards and cash even easier. The extra height makes the key pocket deeper, deeper than my key. I advise tying a piece of string or ribbon to your key to help removal should it fall down inside the key pocket. I speak from experience.

The Colour

I have a tendency to alway choose black for cases, wallets and devices. Grey, whilst not being the most radical colour, is a departure for me, and one I’m really enjoying.

The Slate leather is a very elegant shade of grey, standing out amongst the usual blacks and browns found on wallets and phone cases. The leather is of great quality and based on my experience of recent weather is definitely waterproof. The YKK waterproof zip matches the slate colour perfectly.

Bellroy Elements Phone Pocket Review Slate Review

Inside is a mixture of the same slate colour used outside and a lighter grey which helps define the different pockets and spaces within the Phone Pocket making it easy to see what’s what.

Bellroy Elements Phone Pocket Review Slate Review


Another brilliant product from Bellroy – well thought out, designed with real-world use in mind and beautifully made. The colour adds a nice new look to the Elements Phone Pocket – it’s become a new favourite.

Bellroy have just realised a new wallet called the High Line. Even slimmer than my Note Sleeve the High Line comes in a very nice looking charcoal colour – I’m adding it to my Christmas list now.