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Lost In Translation

This image visualises Lost In Translation beautifully; I want this as a poster now. Update: Having searched around this appears to be the original image, which is not available as a poster sadly.

Home Two

My Twitter chum Michael McGarrity has released another great mix entitled Home Two. Slightly longer and darker than the original Home Mix, and it’s another great piece of music for working or reading to. Highly recommended. As before my iTunes OCD has driven me to design my own cover art; I’ve continued with the style ofContinue Reading ›

The Story Behind The Picture

I spent two weeks in India in 2003. On my last day I travelled from Delhi to Agra with my travel buddy Ben to see the Taj Mahal, Agra Fort and Fatehpur Sikri. After leaving Delhi at dawn we had an eventful trip to Agra featuring security checkpoints, dancing bears and no less than threeContinue Reading ›

Fallen Angel

As I walked along Upper Saint Martins Lane, London yesterday I noticed this wire angel lying discarded on the pavement. What is was for or where it was from I can only wonder.