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Tears On The Train

The woman opposite me on the train is listening to her iPod. Half way through the trip I happen to look up and see a single tear roll down her cheek. She notices and wipes away the tear. No more tears follow.

Minsk By iPhone

I’ve just returned from a short business trip to Minsk in Belarus. As with my trip to New York I failed to take a camera, and so have another set of fuzzy iPhone photos. Minsk was not what I expected; it felt more like old Europe than old Russia or at least what I imagine Continue Reading

The Little Apple

I love this video from Sam O’Hare. New York City shot with a tilt shift video camera; a wonderfully different perspective on The Big Apple.

OK GO : One Take Wonder

I’m sure we all remember OK Go’s viral video sensation for Here It Goes Again otherwise known as “that cool treadmill video“. Well Ok Go have been at it again with not one but two great videos for their new song This Too Shall Pass. What’s interesting is that both videos are one shot videos: Continue Reading