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From the Friday afternoon mind of Tim Van Damme comes the URL ABC. Tim says: “Go to the address bar in your favorite browser, and type one letter. Start with “a”, end with “z”.” I’ve just rebuilt my system so my alphabet is perhaps not as representative of my surfing as it could be, some of Continue Reading

My New Favourite Advert

I saw this at the cinema last night – brilliant!

MobileMe Home

As I started reading Sebastiaan de With’s post on MobileMe Home I thought that at last MobileMe would actually be worth its rather high cost. But then I kept reading and realised that MobileMe Home is a concept from Sebastiaan and sadly not and addition to MobileMe. If Apple isn’t thinking of something like this then Continue Reading


I love Instapaper; it’s one of my most favourite and most used web and iPhone apps. Merlin Mann seems to quite like it also. Start using Instapaper today; you’ll thank me tomorrow.

Perfect Pitch

Jeremy Keith has a rather alarming post about Perfect Pitch and the abuse of DMCA legislation for SEO purposes over at today.

High Flight on Radio 4

Radio 4 yesterday ran an interesting programme about High Flight a favourite poem of mine. The programme explores the history of the poet and pilot John Magee and of the poem itself. The programme is available on iPlayer for another 6 days and is worth a listen; although I could have quite happily gone without ever Continue Reading