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My New Favourite Advert – Strongbow Bankers

I saw this at the cinema last night – brilliant!

MobileMe Home

As I started reading Sebastiaan de With’s post on MobileMe Home I thought that at last MobileMe would actually be worth its rather high cost. But then I kept reading and realised that MobileMe Home is a concept from Sebastiaan and sadly not and addition to MobileMe. If Apple isn’t thinking of something like this thenContinue Reading ›


I love Instapaper; it’s one of my most favourite and most used web and iPhone apps. Merlin Mann seems to quite like it also. Start using Instapaper today; you’ll thank me tomorrow.

Perfect Pitch

Jeremy Keith has a rather alarming post about Perfect Pitch and the abuse of DMCA legislation for SEO purposes over at today.

High Flight on Radio 4

Radio 4 yesterday ran an interesting programme about High Flight a favourite poem of mine. The programme explores the history of the poet and pilot John Magee and of the poem itself. The programme is available on iPlayer for another 6 days and is worth a listen; although I could have quite happily gone without everContinue Reading ›