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A Day in the Life of Abbey Road

I really must get round to visiting Abbey Road and the world’s most famous zebra crossing, but until I do I’ll make do with this wonderful time lapse video of other visitors enjoying that zebra crossing.

Now Intel Is Challenging Psion Netbook Claim

Intel are joining Dell in challenging Psion’s claim to the netbook trademark. I realise that Dell and Intel’s motives are purely commercial, but I dislike the patent and trademark litigation culture that has grown alongside the technology industry. I agree wholeheartedly that companies ideas and designs should be protected but only when their claims are Continue Reading

Psion and the netBook Trademark

As an ex-Psion employee I was disappointed and a little saddened to learn of Psion’s spurious trademark claim to the word netbook. Psion were once a great technology company practically inventing the PDA , creating some classic hardware designs and creating the operating system that powers a huge proporation of today’s smartphones: Symbian. Psion launched Continue Reading

Ken Robinson – Fertile Minds Need Feeding

The Guardian has an interesting interview with Ken Robinson on their site. One quote in particular really jumped out at me: Learning happens in the minds and souls, not in the databases of multiple-choice tests. So very, very true.

Atonement – Elegy For Dunkirk

I finally watched Atonement over the weekend, and thought it a deeply moving, and beautifully tragic story. I’d been putting off watching the film as I wanted to read the book, but a friend recommended it so strongly I decided it was time. I’m so glad I did – it is a stunning film. The film Continue Reading