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Now Intel Is Challenging Psion Netbook Claim

Intel are joining Dell in challenging Psion’s claim to the netbook trademark. I realise that Dell and Intel’s motives are purely commercial, but I dislike the patent and trademark litigation culture that has grown alongside the technology industry. I agree wholeheartedly that companies ideas and designs should be protected but only when their claims areContinue Reading ›

Psion and the netBook Trademark

As an ex-Psion employee I was disappointed and a little saddened to learn of Psion’s spurious trademark claim to the word netbook. Psion were once a great technology company practically inventing the PDA , creating some classic hardware designs and creating the operating system that powers a huge proporation of today’s smartphones: Symbian. Psion launchedContinue Reading ›

Ken Robinson – Fertile Minds Need Feeding

The Guardian has an interesting interview with Ken Robinson on their site. One quote in particular really jumped out at me: Learning happens in the minds and souls, not in the databases of multiple-choice tests. So very, very true.

Atonement – Elegy For Dunkirk

I watched Atonement over the weekend and found it a deeply moving and beautifully tragic story. Directed by Joe Wright Atonement is a masterpiece, not words I use lightly. James McAvoy is absolutely fantastic; delivering a powerful and riveting performance, and for the first time Keira Knightley really impressed me giving a glimpse of the great actress I think sheContinue Reading ›