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Introverts and Extraverts

Whilst perusing Delicious earlier today I came across a really interesting post Introverts and Extraverts : Can’t We Just Get Along which in turn led me to another post by the same author The Introverts Strike Back. I agree with the author’s basic premise that an introvert cannot or at least is very unlikely to become an extravertContinue Reading ›

Seeing the Signs

I love this signage created for a carpark in Melbourne, Australia. So often car parks have unclear or confusing signage but there’s no missing them here; in fact the down sign looks as if you might crash into it.

I See Dead People

More brilliance from The Rut

My God It’s Full of Stars

You tend to forget the effect that light pollution has on the night sky until you go somewhere with a complete absence of such pollution. I stayed in a converted barn in deepest Dorset last week and saw some of the most amazing night skies I’ve ever seen. In the city you see just theContinue Reading ›