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Good Bye Blue Box

Friday was my last day at American Express and it was a very, very good day but also a sad day. One of the things I wanted during my notice period was to do for one last time the things that I had enjoyed about London. One was eating dim sum; I’d never eaten dim Continue Reading

The Last Celebrity

I’ve seen a number of minor celebrities during my time of commuting. In fact all were so minor that I can’t remember any except Martin Bell, complete with white suit, in Euston tube station. But tonight, on my penultimate night in London I saw a proper celebrity. Arriving at Victoria Station I was greeted by Continue Reading

Seven Steps to Better Presentations

A great guide from Jeff Veen; I’ve seen Jeff present and he is a very good speaker indeed. Something I’d add to this is to keep the information on your slides to a minimum. People are there to hear you talk; not to read ten bullet points and a paragraph long title per slide.

The Chap Olympics

I’ve just seen this report on the BBC website and love the idea of a Chap Olympiad. I particularly like the sound of the Martini challenge where chaps are required to mix a dry Martini with the handicap of not having a butler to do it for them. Or how about shouting at foreigners… “Contestants must procure Continue Reading

Shine on You Crazy Diamond

Syd Barrett, one of the original members of Pink Floyd, has sadly died. I’m a big Pink Floyd fan but mostly the post Barrett music of Meddle onwards. So I was surprised how sad I felt when I heard that Syd had died. Waste is a word that springs to mind when thinking of Syd’s Continue Reading


£13,192 – that’s a large amount of money isn’t it? Well, that’s roughly what I’ve spent commuting to London over the last 34 months. That’s an average of £388 a month and that excludes taxis to and from the station and other travel related expense. What is most galling about such a significant expenditure is Continue Reading