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Travelling Again

Business trips are like buses… you don’t go on any for ages and then two turn up together. In about 12 hours I leave Heathrow for almost a week in sunny Phoenix. There has been all sort of malarkey with booking flights and hotels as Phoenix seems to be full this week. It’s worked out Continue Reading

Free Tibet Protesting Outside Google’s London Offices

Google’s London office is next door to my office in Buckingham Palace Road. Popped out for lunch today to find a small but vocal Free Tibet protest outside the Google offices.

Jet Lag Isn’t Fun

I’ve been home from Tokyo for almost a week now and still I’m finding myself falling asleep, or resisting falling asleep, around 8pm and then unable to stay asleep beyond 4 or 5am. I’ve never had bad jet lag before and I have to say that I don’t like it. I didn’t suffer from jet Continue Reading