Week Notes – 01.12.19

I’m playing with the idea of publishing Week Notes  – a quick summary of the week that was.

This week has been all about great films and new music.

  • The Lunchbox – A delightful Indian film that follows a Tiffin tin as it travels between a woman stuck in an unhappy marriage and unhappy man about to retire – not the intended recipient. The relationship that builds up between them transforms both of their lives. Beautifully shot and perfectly paced.
  • Le Mans ’66 – A great film for petrol heads and ‘normal’ people alike. Christian Bale is superb as Ken Miles, who might be my new spirit animal.
  • The Irishman – Scorsese directs De Niro, Pacino, Pesci and a superb supporting cast in a gripping and gritty tale of the mob’s involvement with Jimmy Hoffa.
  • Joker – I finally managed to see the Joker and it deserves all the praise it has received. A brilliantly dark telling of the Joker’s ‘origin’ story, Joaquin Phoenix is completely riveting as Arthur Fleck and failed Clown that transforms into Joker. Joker had a very distinct colour palette of the film which reminded reminded me of 70s photographs.
  • I love Adam Buxton’s podcast and found the latest episode with Nicky Wire of the Manic Street Preachers really interesting. I’ve never been a big Manic’s fan but hearing Nicky Wire inspired me to revisit their back catalogue, where I found many more tracks I knew and liked than I expected. One of their songs I have always had a special connection with is Motorcycle Emptiness which came out about the time I had a motor bike stolen – the very definition of Motorcycle Emptiness.
  • Marconi Union released their new album Dead Air this week. It’s been slightly delayed but was worth the wait.
  • I’ll end this weeknote with new music from my son. The video was recorded in my wing mirror on the way home from Synthfest last month.